Spartan Race Preparation.

Race is quickly approaching!

Some things you can do now to help on race day.

1. Spend as much time as you can outside. This includes walking, sitting, and exercising.

2. Grease the groove. A few of the obstacles are monkey bar like. Spend some time hanging out on the the rig or from whatever you can find. Rapid progress is possible by simply doing this a couple times a day.

3. Practice your hydration, increase water intake now. Drinking a lot of fluids the day or night before is really a bad idea. You will simply flush your electrolytes and end up cramping. Start increasing fluids now if needed.

4. As above clean up your diet now. Good carbs are key. Now is also not the time to switch to a low carb diet. Energy systems take 3-5 weeks to adapt. Switching now will leave you with no energy for race day.

5. Wear your gear a couple times on runs. Make sure everything works. New shoes on race day is again a bad idea.

6. Mentally prepare. Welch is one of the worst Spartan races anywhere. Prepare for this mentally and you will get through. Have a reason for your race. Focus on it.

Progression Strong.
Joshua J Grenell