Take the Leap

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I was scared. I was nervous. Walking into a place like CrossFit Progression and seeing all of these people working and trying so hard, I was second guessing myself a bit. I was quite intimidated.

We hear a lot about how scared people are before they get to Bootcamp and you should know, that fear exists in every member, new and old – the difference is knowing what’s on the other side of that fear.

There were a few days where I just wanted to quit or not even show up. But each time I walked into Progression, my whole attitude would change. I just needed to make sure I pushed myself to get out of the house and as long as I showed up to Bootcamp, I knew it’d be a great night, a great workout, and there would be great company.

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The truth is, you don’t and couldn’t know the feeling you get after you’ve completed something you never thought possible for you, until you’ve walked through that door at Progression.

People I hadn’t even met yet were there pushing me and cheering for me. It is an amazing feeling. It just makes me want to keep going and push myself even harder.

This isn’t just about physical fitness.  It’s about a better life.  And our Coaches and Community never want you to give up on the pursuit of improvement, no matter what it takes.

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The coaches are amazing.  They went above and beyond by taking us to the grocery store and showing us the good choices for meals. 

What would it mean to be a healthier Mom, Husband, Employee, Caretaker?   You may not have the answer to that right now.  But when you lift that 50 lb. bag of dog food or carry your child with more ease, that’s when you may find your answer.  But you have to take the leap.

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