The Case For Volume- Volume, Intensity and Consistency

Volume Intensity and Consistency.

The case for volume.

Do you have to take a day off after your typical training session?  Sore?

Volume sometimes gets a bad rap.  For good reason.  But if you are smart about your volume, you can get your results faster.  Having hard days with high stress on your body, and mixing them with easier days with lower impact can greatly speed your results.  However, if you just have hard days, with fewer days of activity, your progress could be slow and may not last long.  This can manifest itself in many ways.  It is different for everyone.  Hard is relative.

Who gets more out of their workouts?  The person who works out as hard as possible 3x a week or the person who works out 5x a week with a few days at lower intensity? 

Couple different ways to look at this.  Calories wise. The person working out 5x a week is going to win.  There is no way that over time the 3x a week person is burning more calories than the 5x a week person.  

Skill development.  Again no way that the 3x a week person is going to develop as fast as the 5x a week person.  

Your ability to work out more frequently is going to overcome intensity at some point.  This is not saying you do not need intensity. You do. If you don’t practice going there, you will not be able to go there when you need to.  And you will not perform well if you have not practiced performing at those levels.

However, destroying yourself on Monday, to the point of not being able to get to the gym on Tuesday or Wednesday will not do anything for your long term health and fitness.

Long term example.  I have seen this many times over the last 15 years.  A person joins a gym. Let’s say it is a CF gym. Absolutely buys in and attends all the classes, buys all the gear, Does extra work before and after class.  100% go!

9 months later, they start to miss days, then weeks.  Then they cancel. 6 months later they are out of shape and their biomarkers are getting bad.  

As opposed to the client who comes in starts at 4x a week, goes to class 3x a week, and does a longer low intensity work out 1 day a week, listens to the coaches and slowly progresses.  Eventually, they are ready for more days of training.  Maybe it is a run at home, maybe it is a 30 min row.  This person can stick around for years. Sure their fitness has ups and downs, everyone’s does,  but the trend is up, they stay healthy and fit for a very long time.  

Same is true for nutrition. 6-week elimination diets, 30-day challenges.  They work. People get great results. But it rarely fixes the underlying issues.  Everyone I have seen do well on these challenges gains the wt back. Everyone. Real wt loss takes time.  Want to lose 40 lbs and keep it off. This is going to take around 10-11 months, and you’re going to need some help in some form or another.  We have too many long term success stories to be argued with.  A long term approach lasts long term.  A short term approach last short term.  You may not even need a diet plan, but you will need a coach.      

Intensity is needed in life.  But it isn’t the answer to everything.

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