The Open is Here!

The Open is upon us.  

The open is a yearly assessment of where we are and how we are doing in our health and fitness.  

The open has looked different over the years, with different formats, different scoring, and various event types. It has also looked different in our gym, from full-blown Friday Night Lights to doing the workouts during classes.  This year it is changing again. We will be hosting one of the three weeks of the open, the other two weeks will be at the other CrossFit gyms in Rochester. Saturdays in the gray gym or open gym will be the other option in completing your open workouts.

My thought process on the open is always the same. Where am I this year compared to last? How have I improved, and where do I still need work? The open scoring makes it difficult to measure this stuff because the results are always comparative. You are ranked according to how others do. This is not a good way to track progress. In a nonprofessional setting, it is possibly the worst way to track your progress. Another reason it is important to track your workouts. Know where you are, so you can note improvement.   

I encourage everyone to do the open. If you do, I would like you to think about these things.

  1. The open should be a test of your current overall health and mindset. What have you done the past year to improve your health? What can you work on this year?
  2. Think of the progress you have made in the gym this past year or since you started. Keep this progress as your primary focus. None of us improve in all areas every year. Focus on the improvement, make note of the weak areas.
  3. Take a moment to notice someone else’s progress. Not how they are doing compared to you, but how they are doing compared to themselves. Celebrate success with them. If they need support, give it. This is community.   

The open starts February 24th, 2022. For information click here: The 2022 Open and Here: About the Games.

This year the open events will be held at the three CrossFit gyms in Rochester MN.

February 26th, at Progression Fitness.

March 5th at CrossFit Credence.

March 12th at Detour Athletics