The Push-up Test

I posted this article in the CrossFitters in Rochester MN group.  I wanted to go a little more into detail. A blog post is the best place for that.

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Here is the article in case you missed it.  Push-up test article

Main quote with what they did and what they found:

Over the 10 years, the researchers reported noticing significantly fewer signs of heart disease-related issues among the firefighters who could complete a greater number of pushups. Among the people who could complete more than 40, there was a 96% reduction in cardiovascular disease incidents compared to those who could complete fewer than 10.”

So what should you do with this info?  

Does this mean all you need to do is get 40 pushups to be cardiovascularly bulletproof?  I assure you, if all you do is push-ups for the next 6 months, and you get to 40 push-ups, you are not protected from cardiovascular disease.  But you are better off then you were.

The real test is can you do 40 push-ups now.  Today. If yes, then you should keep doing what you are doing.  Great work. Whatever that is. Keep doing it.

If not, change.  Find something to do.  We know that 90%+ of people can not do 10 push up, so you are not unique.  You are normal.

At Progression, we excel at taking someone from 1 push up to 40.  We have done it many times.

“I need to be in shape to start!”  That may have been true in 2010. It is the farthest thing from the truth in 2019.  

You need to start to get in shape.  We are built for the normal person starting.

Start safe, start right.  Your coach will guide you.

Got 40 push-ups right now?  If not, let’s get started.  

Start now!