Track Everything


With the recent addition of Beyond the White Board to CFP we all now have yet another tool to track all of our wildest fitness and lifestyle goals. Even if you haven’t started fully using BTWB yet I’m sure at some point you have wrote down your workouts, or taken a picture of your daily results to remember an awesome lift or WOD time. It’s like running a life experiment on yourself! What if you could do that with other things in your life?

I tried this and started with my personal finances. Within a few months I quickly started to see a difference, I knew where my money was! Imagine if you tracked other things such as how many hours of sleep you got each night, how you felt on a daily basis, what you ate for breakfast, or every time that you put gasoline in your car! The results and information would be endless.

Pick one thing today and start tracking it. See what data it can provide you and what basic conclusions you could pull from it. Next make a small change and see what results you can get from it. For example let us say you decide to track your sleep, and on average you are sleeping 5 hours a night. You decide for the next month you are going to try to sleep 6 hours per night and see if you feel any different. Track your results daily, and record your feelings and findings then pick the next thing to track or experiment with until you get your desired results.

Be well, always!
Coach Nic

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