Turning Shit into Gold. 3 questions to ask.

A lot of things are going to happen to you during your lifetime.  

A lot of those things are going to suck.  

To be successful, you need to learn to process the situation and filter through the sand for the gold.  

Once you find the gold, the next step is to throw out the sand. Get rid of it, never look back at it.  

  1. What did I learn from the shit storm that happened to me?
  2. What can I do to not get into that situation again?
  3. What is the lesson here?  

Take the lesson. Apply it. Move on.  

Any other line of thinking is a waste of your energy and time.

Blaming others or focusing on past events is a sign you are not finding the gold. Those people and circumstances taught you something, take that and be done.

The good thing about having a lot of shitty experiences is you have a lot of material to learn from. Start digging. If you need help with this process, and most people will, reach out.

Joshua J Grenell