No 6:00 PM KB Class today:  Following workout can be performed in the Progression room at CFP Strength.  Make sure to still check in if you are using the Progression room.

If you haven’t yet been to an Olympic Weightlifting class this is the perfect time. 

Warmup:  Repeat the following circuit two times:
– 10 cross body touches (ex. Touch elbow to knee in a standing postion)
– 3 R/L upper and lower body segmental rolls
– 10 rocks followed by 10 head nods
– 10 forward/backward crawls (count each time your hand touches the ground.  Baby crawl the first round and leopard crawl the second round)

-10 2 Hand swing
-10 push ups or 50% of max reps, which ever is smaller

A. 5 RDS
– 5 double KB Clean & Press
– 5 pull ups (8 inverted rows on rings)
– 7 double KB Front Squat
Rest 60 – 90 Sec. between rounds

B. 9 minutes on top of minute
– 6 R/L snatch (8 R/L 1-H swings)

1 min. hold
– couch stretch (each leg)
– bridge (place heels close to butt and bridge on to shoulders.  Do not put any stress on the neck.)
-upward facing dog
-downward facing dog
-lay on stomach with hands underneath your forehead and focus on breathing in and out through your nose for 2 min.