Week 9 – Session 2 – Thursday – 6:30pm class

Warm Up – something I like to do before a lift is to get in a good roll session on one of the soft rollers. It’s a good way to get the blood flowing to the muscles faster.


Snatch pulls + POS 2 snatch – 12 min.

Clean pulls + POS 2 Clean and Jerk – 12 min.

Main focus with the Positions 2 work today is keeping our shoulders slightly leaning in front of the bar allowing us to hit our Position 1.

Front Squats – 5×2

Banded Hamstring curls – 100



Mobility – 1omin. AT LEAST

Lu Xiaojun lateral raises – 3×15 – LIGHT WEIGHT – show your armpits just like a snatch, think about your catch position when performing these – http://www.allthingsgym.com/lu-xiaojun-lateral-raises/ – Talk to me if you have questions

Planks – 3 x 1 min hold