Week 9 – session 3 – Saturday – 9am class

Warm up – flat healed snatches and cleans 2-3 minutes

– Hanging heal snatches and cleans – 2-3 minutes


Snatch – daily training max – 3 misses

Clean and Jerk – daily training max – 3 misses

The Majority of the class will be devoted to snatch and clean and jerk. You do not have to max out, but it is encouraged to try and put a little more weight on the bar than usual. REMEMBER push your boundaries saturday is a good environment to do so.

If you finish early, and would like some extra strength work here are the options.

Back Squat – work up to a heavy set of 3, as far as weight goes try to go heavier than tuesday.

Snatch Deadlifts – 4×3 @ %100

Clean Deadlifts – 4×3 @ %100


Link of the day – – Pyross Dimas, probably the best power jerker of all time.

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