Why and How should I participate in Rev Olympics?

You have probably heard by now that on July 20th Progression is hosting the inaugural Rev Olympics.                   

Didn’t hear? Click here, here & here to learn more.

Maybe you’re still just not quite sure why or how you should participate in this celebration of fitness.  Have no fear, another convincing blog post is here. 🙂 By the time you’re through reading this, I’m sure you’ll be clicking that registration link.

But FIRST, this week’s spotlight sponsor is Jim Adams and Sinn City Builders!


Jim is the sole proprietor of Sinn City Builders.  Sinn City has been installing high quality, beautiful custom pools in the Rochester area since 2000. Jim and his team strive to leave each customer completely satisfied by meeting with each client to answer any questions about the construction process, then working in the most efficient manner possible to minimize the time that is needed to complete the project.  Sinn City also makes every effort to keep the worksite organized so that a minimum amount of disruption is caused for the homeowner.

Considering building some fun into your backyard? Contact Jim!  (507) 993-0519 [email protected]


WHY?  Why should you participate in Rev Olympics?

REASON #1- To build stronger bonds and friendships at your fitness community.  Community means a lot to us at Progression, but have you ever considered how much it benefits you?  When you know and care about the people you are going to see when you go “put in the time” for your health and fitness, that keeps you coming back day after day, season after season, year after year.   Do you know what happens when you keep coming back? You change your life. HEALTH is priceless. How great is it to have people in your life who get that, who support that, and who help you live that?!?                                                                                                                                                                       

Sign up.  Strengthen those bonds! Live a healthier life. 


REASON #2– To test yourself in a safe place.   You already know Progression is a judgment-free zone or you wouldn’t keep coming back.  And, to quote a guy I know, “There must be tests.” When was the last time you pushed yourself way beyond your comfort zone?  There is nothing to be gained in your comfort zone. All the good stuff is outside of it. Come show us what you can do when you test your limits.  I guarantee its more than you could do the day you first walked into Progression. And what’s more, with that amazing community I mentioned above cheering you on, you may well accomplish something you never dreamed possible.                         

Come. Test yourself. Learn to expect more out of yourself.  You won’t regret it.


REASON #3- To have fun! Have I mentioned this event is supposed to be fun?  We all have plenty of seriousness and responsibility in our lives.  Rev Olympics is for fun. We are going to hang out with a team of friends, see what our bodies can do, and then RELAX in good company.    There’ll be great music all day, great people all day and a great party (with FOOD) after the competition.

 Be there.  Have fun. Live a happier life.

How?  How do I participate in Rev Olympics?

That’s the easy part.   Register here. Show up on July 20th and bring your A Game.  Or not, really any game is fine.  Just show up.

If you do not have a team, please reach out to me. I have a list of “players” to place on teams.   If you have 2 and need 2 more, send me a message or better yet post a message in the Progression Facebook group.  That’s a surefire way to fill a team.

Registration Details:

To Register Follow this LINK.   GET YOUR TEAMS TOGETHER!  Event registration is open.  Cost is $40/Athlete. Registration includes:

    • Event T-shirt
    • 6 Training workouts written by Coach Beth to help you prepare for the event
    • A great time at the event!
    • Trophies for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams
    • Burgers made for you after the event
    • Unlimited Glory 🙂


Thanks again to ALL of our generous sponsors:  Alex Lair, Todd Severson, Mickey Rowland, Shannon Astorino, John Pacchetti, and Jim Adams!