Why Track Progress?


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Know your Numbers!

As coaches we are asked “What weight should I use” almost every class.  This is a great question.  Those who scale appropriately get the intended dose from the work out that is programed for the day.

When asked “What Weight?” the coach will have a question for you as well.  “What was your last Fran time?” “What is your max thruster?”  “What is your max Jerk?”

Depending on the WOD the coach will need some info from you.  If you don’t have any idea what your numbers are the coach will have a hard time giving you the right RX for the day.

When you are new this is to be expected.  It can take up to 6 months to hit the majority of the movements.  After six months you should have a really good record of where you are at.  When the coach asks, you should know.


Knowing your numbers is imperative to getting the right dose from the work out.  CrossFit does not work if you are constantly scaling too heavy or too light.

We focus on form first.  After form is demonstrated consistently the coaches job is to get you to go faster.  If form falters we slow you down.

When a shorter work out is programed, it is time to go fast.   If you are moving at the same speed as you do in a 20 min work out you will not get the intended RX of the work out.  A 21-15-9 work out should leave you on the floor gasping for air.  It is programed to allow you to go AFAP.   Any pauses in movement generally speaking is a flaw in scaling.  This is not always the case, but it usually is.

Get on it.  Today!

At Progression we provide the Beyond The Whiteboard tracking for free to our members.  If you live on your phone and love data, this is the way to go.  Here is the link to sign up:  BTWB

New WODbooks are on the way, they should be here this week.  If you are more of a paper person, pick one up.  We sell them for $20.  Depending on how you use the book it should last you at least a year.  I still see some around from 3 years ago.   Got a full WODbook?  Bring it in show it to us, and we will give you a new one free.

A plain notebook works as well.

Scott is on top of it.

After consistently getting to the gym, recording your work outs is the most important part of getting results.  Know your numbers!  It is also a great motivator to see your progress and work toward improvements.