Why Weightlift?

CFP Ladies representing well at the Minnesota Weightlifting Championships
CFP Ladies representing well at the Minnesota Weightlifting Championships

Why Weightlift?



Why weightlift? My immediate answer, why not? That is a really easy question for me to answer these days. I am currently training for the American Open which is an Olympic weightlifting competition that will be taking place in Texas in December. But first things first, the MN Open, hosted by our very own Crossfit Progression. So really, why wouldn’t I want to lift heavy weights for competition? Sounds like fun, right??

“Girls do not lift weights!” This was one of my famous quotes to the coaches the second day I showed up to Crossfit Progression. I didn’t want anyting to do with this heavy piece of metal that hurt my hands, wrists, clavicle, shoulders, neck and spine. I can confidently say that I had not touched a barbell since the 9th grade when I was first introduced to bench pressing. Honestly, that was the first time I had EVER been in a weight room. I played basketball, volleyball and softball and I do not recall any of my teammates ever asking if I wanted to go to the weight room or even talk about how they lifted weights. It was simply not something that was encouraged or even talked about in my school years, especially amongst the girls.

Looking back on this story, I can only wish that schools today learn the importance of lifting weights for the sake of todays youth. (Another blog to come). However, this makes me appreciate the time that I have left to strengthen my bones and body with something as simple as a barbell. I am so thankful for my Coaches that would tell me to keep practicing, keep stretching and keep going even though I thought my wrist was going to break, my clavicle was bruised and my hands blead. I remember those days that I would walk into Crossfit Progression whinning about how I cannot hold the barbell that way because my wrists hurt too much or how I could not lift the barbell off the floor simply because I did not have enough caluses. Now, my wrists are stronger than ever, I use my shoulders not my clavicle to hold the barbell up and my hands, well, I look for spots that don’t have caluses.

I don’t weightlift for the caluses, the trophys or lost time. I weightlift because I enjoy it. I like practicing everyday and everyday I get just a little bit better. I like the challenge of trying to get a little bit better everytime I pick up a barbell not matter what the weight. The best part of doing this something that I love is that it is exponentially good for me. Weightlifting has built in me an everlasting confidence, incredible muscle strength and undeniable bone density.

I want to leave this blog with something that one of the members, Jeanne Schuld, of Crossfit Progression wrote. She is one of my daily inspirations and one of the reasons I will continue to push myself and everyone else to keep practicing weightlifting.



                      “When I first started the PR Challenge, I was actually not that hopeful that I would PR at all, especially on my snatch, since it had taken me more than 4 months to get my previous PR and my form was still not even close to where it should be.  I went to the Oly seminar and learned a lot.  There were a couple things that, no matter how often someone corrected me, I was just not getting.  The repetition and the great coaching at the seminar made a big difference.  Then Nic wrote his ‘PR Challenge – Getting Better’ blog. I started following most of those suggestions and within a month, I already got a 5 pound PR on my snatch.  The suggestion that made the biggest difference for me was the 10,000 rep challenge.  Doing that many reps every day has really helped me get the hang of how it is supposed to feel. I have also been taking advantage of all the great coaching at the 10 am class and the evening Oly classes.  I can’t wait to see where I end up by October!”


Keep practicing and we will lift together in October!!



Coach Juli

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