151116 Monday


This Week Guys Test Week:

We are testing the following movements

Monday – 1 RM Back Squat
Tuesday – 1 RM Strict Press
Wednesday – 1 RM TGU or Clean and Jerk
Thursday – Max Push Ups
Friday – 1RM OHS

We don’t allow 1 RM attempts often but when we do its after we have consistently trained movements for an entire 8-12 week strength cycle. We started off with higher volume to physically prepare to attempt new 1 RM’s 12 weeks later. We have gradually reduced the volume (less reps) and now have increased intensity (added weight) allowing us to recover for test week this coming week.

The WOD’s have been chosen this week to complement the strength tests by allowing us to recover adequately for the next days test.
Simply put, we expect to see strength gains over the entire 12 weeks. Many people have already PR’ed or matched previous bests. Overhead stability and upper body strength should be greatly increased if not at an all time best.

Even if you don’t set an all time PR what have you learned about yourself after training for the past 12 weeks? Do you need to get to the gym more consistently, do you need to focus on more upper body work, were imbalances in your body exposed by a certain movement, are you stronger today than you were when you first started your fitness journey at CFP(answer is yes)?

Now that our overhead strength has been increased we are prepared for the next cycle of training……….

All levels:

A.) Max Back Squat

B.) 500 m row sprint

Rest 3 min

Add 10 sec to your 500 m

Row for as long as possible

keeping your pace under that number

Rest 3 min and repeat


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