21 Questions With… Meg Deden

Meg is the most adorable and optimistic newbie you’ll ever meet.  Her excitement for personal growth and determination to stay the course are refreshing.  And guess what, she hates burpees, just like you.

Meg Deden

J: What do you do for a living?

M: I am the Traffic Manager (no I don’t do the traffic reports) at the all-new 97.5 Pulse FM.

J: Where are you from?

M: Born and raised right here in Rochester, MN.

J: What brought you to CrossFit Progression and how did you find us?

M: July 2014 I attended a Friends & Family day with my older sister, Mandy Reckward, and when I crawled out of class I thought her & Dennis were nuts for doing this to their bodies.  April 2014, Mandy told me about the boot camp and I decided what better way to work into CrossFit.  I did two boot camps and now I’m an active member!

J: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of the gym?

M: I love to be with my friends and family.  I love being on the go!  I don’t have just one thing that I like to do outside the gym.

J: We have Hip Hop Fridays, but do we need to talk about an entire day at the gym devoted to Country music?

M: My first radio gig was a country station and I worked for a country station for almost 7 years.  I am a country girl and would love a full day of working out to country!  “Country girl shake it for me” is a good song to work out to right? 😉

J: Favorite cheat meal?

M: Pizza, ice cream, & beer!

J: What’s your favorite healthy recipe?

M: I don’t have a favorite recipe.  Mainly anything I can have chicken or steak with!

J: Would you rather: clean & jerk or overhead squat? 

M: Overhead squat!

J: Would you rather: leopard crawl or do mountain climbers?

M: Mountain climbers for sure!

J: What’s our least favorite movement? 

M: Burpees.

J: What’s your prefect WOD? 

M: Anything that doesn’t consist of burpees and running.

J: What goal(s) are you currently chasing?

M: Although I hate running, I would love to do the Spartan or a mud run of some type in the next couple of years with my sister and brother in law.

J: What’s one thing that your fellow CFP members would be surprised to know about you?

M: That a tough one… not real sure!

J: What’s the hardest part of CrossFit?

M: Actually going to class.  There are so many other things that I could/would rather be doing but as soon as I walk through that door I know I made the right decision by not skipping class.

J: What’s the best thing you’ve gotten out of your time at CFP? 

M: Confidence.

J: Favorite piece of advice you’ve gotten from a coach at CFP?

M: So hard to pick just one piece as I get great advice all the time from all of the coaches.  It is one thing that keeps me motivated.

J: Why do you make time to get to the gym?

M: I make time because I know how good I feel when I leave class.  I know that I am one step closer to my goals and becoming healthier with every class that I attend.  Also, it’s my social hour these days.

J: How has your outlook on yourself changed since joining CrossFit Progression? 

M: I used to think many times that I couldn’t do something… but I know now that I can do anything and everything if I put my mind to it.

J: What has been your fondest memory during your time at CrossFit Progression?

M: Doing the Memorial Day Murph with my two sisters and their husbands.  My goal was to do the quarter Murph as I was only a couple of weeks into boot camp when we did it.  I ended up doing a half Murph.  Next year… FULL Murph for this gal!

J: How is your experience at CFP different from what you’ve done previously?

M: I have never been to a gym that is so motivating, encouraging, and where all the coaches know you by name.  The coaches truly care about each of us and truly want to see us reach our goals.  I have always been so scared to go into a gym and have people watch me.  Being at CFP has gotten me over that nervousness and has helped me build so much confidence.

J: What would be your one piece of advice for someone who’s just joining CrossFit Progression?

M: Don’t give up!  Keep going no matter how hard it is.  Also, it doesn’t matter if you finish first or last, as long as you finish.

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2 Responses
  1. Kirsten Vitale

    Meg, way to go! I hear what you’re going through!!! I totally agree with your statement about the hardest part being getting there and that gets easier too. It’s become such an integral part of my husbands and my lives. Our dinner conversations now include statements like, “Is that Paleo? Did you see what the WOD is? …It’s funny; this lifestyle is a huge turnaround for us. I’m glad you’re enjoying it and what a great goal to do a Spartan or Mud Run; think I’d like to do a mud run too! Keep up the great work.