5 steps to better sleep

Adequate sleep is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of living a healthy life.  Recovery can not happen without good sleep.  lack of good sleep can also contribute to weight gain.

A lot of people struggle with sleep.

Here are five things to help you get started on improving your sleep.

1. No screens of any kind one-hour before bed.  Blue light does not help with sleep.  I set my phone to sleep mode from 9pm to 5am.    This helps with keeping disturbances to a minimum.  Most of us now use our phones as our alarms.  If you don’t use your phone as an alarm.  Leave it in another room.

2.  Darken your room.  The summer means it is still light late into the evening and early in the morning.  Black out curtains work wonders.

3. No caffeine at least six hours before bed. I think shooting for eight is better.

4. Exercise.  Hopefully this is a no brainer for you.  Exercise greatly increases the need for sleep and sleep quality.  Know yourself.  Exercising close to your bedtime can be detrimental to your health.

5. Temp.  Keeping your room cool, can make sleep easier.  60-67 degrees F is recommended for the best sleep.


I hope these 5 quick and easy things can help you increase your sleep and thereby help you get the results you want.

Joshua J. Grenell