5 Things to do today to crush your week.

There are a few things you can do to make a drastic change to your weekly effectiveness. You can do these with your significant other as well. I suggest two sets of weekly goals, one for you as an individual and one for you as a couple. Start with one if you are new to this activity.

The first step to writing down your goals is to find your intrinsic motivation. Why are these things you are planning to do necessary? If you do not have some internal reason to get them done, chances are you won’t get them done.  

Here are the five things to crush your week. Do these five things, and the ripple will flow through the rest of your life. 

  1. Plan your meals for the week. Don’t let yourself get caught in a situation that all of a sudden requires a drive-through. Either meal prep or pack a lunch. Having healthy snacks in your car at all times is very useful as well. Hungry but don’t have lunch? Have a snack until you can make a healthy choice or execute your planned meal. 
  2. Plan your exercise. Exercise should not be something you just check off, but something that you HAVE to check off. In as little as a week without movement, your health biomarkers begin to change, for the worse.  
  3. Have one task each day of the week that you must get done. What is the one thing each day you need to do to move forward in a meaningful way? What one thing each day will make you a better Dad? Husband? Wife? What one thing will help you improve your career? Write it down, and then do it every day.     
  4. Plan time with your significant other. Your primary relationship is your most important relationship. Keep it healthy and everything else in your life will be easier. Plan date night, or just a walk. Talk a lot. Exercise and time with your significant other can be done at the same time. This doesn’t always work, but a couple of walks a week can check both boxes.   
  5. Plan time or events with your children. Make sure you are involved in your most significant investment. Don’t have children? Find a way to help out the future generation. Volunteer weekly, or be a great role model to your neighborhood kids or little relatives.   

Doing these five things every week will have a positive impact on your life. If you have never done this exercise before, give it a try. Know that you will not get it all done some weeks. The great part is, you get to try again the next week. =-)