Abs matter and other lies the fitness industry sells you. Stop buying.

“Abs Girl”

This is “Abs girl.” This photo alone is responsible for millions of dollars in gym sales. This one photo got 1000s of people to buy stuff. Is she why you clicked on this post?

But having showing ab muscles is not a sign of health or fitness. It is common in the young, for many, based on genetics, and a symbol of mastering your food intake, For good or bad.

This is a difficult topic. As a gym, we know that it is essential to get people started on a health and fitness journey, and sometimes that takes appealing to the lizard brain.

A legitimate health and fitness center’s task is to start the education and lifestyle development that will last 20-40 years. This education takes skill and care. For us, it isn’t about locking you into a 12-month contract. It is about starting a relationship that will take a while to change the new members’ lives.

Being jacked and super lean is not bad when done appropriately. It isn’t good when it is done in a way that is unhealthy or not sustainable.

Do you know who seems to be able to maintain that body type the longest? CrossFitters were the first. That system is found in many gyms today. The lifting of weights and continually challenging the body and mind to adapt is the secret. You need to learn how to eat for function, move heavy weight, and increase your intensity. Once you do, the “look” becomes much easier to keep. Long cardio is not required. Building muscle mass and strong bones are required.

Stop buying what they are selling. Start moving toward a future you can participate in.

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Joshua J Grenell