Setting goals. Breaking chains. 3 ways to get re-started

Spring is just around the corner. Maybe you have fallen off the wagon, or perhaps you have yet to find the wagon. Now is a great time to set some goals for the spring and summer.

Here are some ways to help.

Think about your past or current goals. Are these still interesting to you? Or do you need something new? Spending a few minutes thinking about how you want your life to look this spring and summer is the first step to making it happen.

Find a race or event. The Covid pandemic canceled many of last year’s events. The vast majority of these events will happen this year.

Any events you were planning on doing last year that got canceled?
Research and see if they are on again. If the events are happening, sign up.

Any new events that you are interested in? Sign up.

Signing up is the first step to starting that forward momentum to action.

Join a gym. Again sometimes getting us in motion requires a commitment of time and money. Signing up for an event has this effect, so does starting a new fitness regimen.

Whether you are signing up to get ready for your event or starting at a gym, taking the first step is the key to getting to the second step.

Are you planning on a running race? Want to get a better 5k time? I can help with 10+ years of experience helping people finish their first marathon injury-free or crushing their previous 5k time. I can get you safely across the finish line. Here is my email if you want to chat: Email Josh

Functional Training Gyms such as Regent and Progression in Rochester MN are also great ways to put some spice in your workout routine. Learn new skills, get stronger, and build a positive attitude and mindset. If you have yet to try out CrossFit or Functional training, we would love to help you get started safely.

Take a moment today to evaluate where you are going. Then take the first step to move down that path.

Joshua J. Grenell. Endurance Specialist