The Secret to Health and Fitness

The Magic is that there is no Magic.

Start where you are.

Don’t Stop.

–Seth Godin

Reading this morning reminded me of the secret that I discovered a few years ago. I took a moment to look at the Progression members who had drastically changed the course of their health and fitness. Some of the older ones, those joining in their late fifties, sixties, and even seventies, I can 100% assure you have already added years to their lives.

I can say this because I know what their health situation was before joining. They joined with hypertension, cardiac disease, out-of-whack cholesterol, obesity, and type 2 diabetes, not fit healthy people.

Fast forward two years, and most of those issues are gone or significantly improved. Their doctors are amazed, “What are you doing?” is the question they are all asked… CrossFit is the answer. Unsurprising to me, most of the doctors responded with, “Oh, you shouldn’t be doing that…” One of the more forward-speaking guys asked the doctor if he should go back to all the meds and medical conditions instead. The doc didn’t respond. This became such an issue that I had to coach people on what to tell their doctors. “I have been working out with coach oversight, and I have improved my eating.” The doctors loved that response. They don’t actually know what CrossFit is…

We battle this misrepresentation of what we do at Progression a lot. It is frustrating but not defeating. We push on, doing what we do because we know it is essential, and we know we change lives.

Ok, back to the point of this post. =-).

How did they do it?

These Progression members simply added the habit of coming to class at Progression Fitness to their weekly schedule. They came to class, and they did it consistently over months and years.

They made some changes in the way they ate as well. Mainly because they learned about these changes just by being around the coaches and other members.

They did nothing crazy. Consistency and time were all it took.

My favorite line to give when showing a new person around the gym is “Just show up 3-4 times a week, and you will get results”. I can say it with confidence because I know it is 100% true. There is no magic, no gimmicks, no secret program, no new shake, no bullshit.

All you have to do is start; our team will help you make the new life you deserve.

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Joshua J. Grenell. Owner Progression Fitness, Rochester MN