Andrew Yori

Andrew “Roo” Yori is a certified CrossFit instructor at CrossFit Progression in Rochester, MN.  A life long athlete, Roo has competed in multiple sports throughout his years.  His main sport, which he started at the age of 4, played as a 4 year starter in college, and continues to enjoy today, is soccer. Roo is also a National Champion and World Champion Frisbee dog handler with his dog Wallace the Pit Bull, and is often found doing handstands on various objects around the gym.  After discovering CrossFit, Roo noticed a considerable increase in performance on and off the field as a result of the training.  He was hooked from the start, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with others so they can experience the same benefits in their day to day lives.  Roo’s favorite moments as a coach are spent watching members achieve milestones they often didn’t think were possible when they stepped into the gym.

Roo has a knack for marketing.  His dogs are known worldwide, he has been featured in numerous local and national media outlets, and is a licensed REALTOR.  He utilizes his talent and knowledge to support the marketing and promotion of CFP.  Roo also contributes his video production skills to document and share the CFP experience for everyone to see.
Roo holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Saint Mary’s University.


CrossFit Level 1

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