March Challenges!

We will have two challenges in March this year. One based on the open workouts and one for Pull-ups! Here they are! Open Challenge sheet!

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The Open is Here!

The Open is upon us.   The open is a yearly assessment of where we are and how we are doing in our health and fitness.  

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Couch to 5k Program. Free!

Earned confidence. Earned confidence is a term I first heard explained by Jason Khalipa in his book. ‘As Many Reps as Possible“ We are told

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The GYMS act. Help.

Please take a moment and read this article this morning. And sign it if you agree. I am not one to go live in the

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Green Circles and Black Diamonds

The J in our logo stands for the journey. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s rewards are different. Some people work their way up from green

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