Building your Brain for Longevity: Five ways

Dr. Sanjay Gupta has a new book out. Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at any Age.

Today I will quickly go over his five pillars of brain health. If you belong to a functional fitness gym, you are already checking most of these items off the list.

No surprise to me, the first pillar is movement. We are made to move, and our brain requires it for multiple reasons. As Gupta states, “The connection between physical fitness and brain fitness is clear, direct, and powerful.” Exercise in any form is better than none. Exercise like what we do at Regent and Progression is best.

Second on the list is to discover. Learning new things keeps the brain fresh and agile. It is an exercise for the brain. In our classes, anytime we are doing skill work or working on something new to you, you are checking off both boxes, exercise and brain work. Other ways to work your brain are reading books outside your profession, learning a new language, or starting a new hobby.

Third, relaxation! “Your brain needs to chill out, too.” writes Gupta. Sleep is the way it does this. Poor sleep habits will be detrimental to your brain health. Look for a future post on Sleep.

Again no surprise for the fourth pillar, Nourish. Gupta recommends the SHARP method:
Slash the sugar
Hydrate smartly
Add more omega-3s from natural sources.
Reduce Portions
Plan your meals
All of these things are focused on and taught in our nutrition program.

Connect is the fifth pillar. Good relationships are key. One of the more significant side effects of the covid lock downs has hindered relationship activities. The gym is a lot of people’s primary relationship place. Not having the gym community has affected people negatively.

Need help with any of these five things? We can help. Let’s talk.

Joshua J Grenell