Success! The secret formula. There is one, and here it is.

I had the opportunity this year to attend two two-hour seminars with Cameron Herold. During both of the sessions, I learned a lot and the information hit me differently each time.

During the second talk, Cameron again talked about the success formula. I took notes on it the first time but did not take it to heart. The second time it hit me like a brick.

The formula is simply this:

F x Fx E = Success

Focus x Faith(Or Confidence), x Effort = Chance of success

Here is the simple exercise for you to complete.

What percentage of the day are you focused?
What percentage of confidence do you have in your business or attaining your goal?
What percentage of effort did you put in?

If you are 50% focused, have 50% confidence and 50% effort, your chance of success is 12.5%

What if you are 80% in all those areas? 51.5%

90% in all three? 72.8%

This formula shows why success is not easy. Even 90% effort in all three areas does not score a 100% chance of success.

The one to focus on first is not surprising, it is your focus. Using a time log to log your daily activities can be a mind opener for almost everyone. What do you spend your time on every day? Find out.

Joshua J Grenell