Flex Online Coaching. What is it?

One of the options at Progression Fitness and now Regent Fitness, in Rochester MN, is Flex online coaching. Originally the Flex program was developed for the person who lived too far from the gym or traveled for work.

The Flex client meets with a coach 1-2 times a month at the gym. The client usually does an Inbody scan and then sits down and discusses how the previous month went, how the workouts are going. The coach and the client then talk about the next month’s goals and go over any new programming movements in our training room.

The program is delivered virtually through an app. The workouts are done at home or on the road.

Clients have found this program is just what they need to stay active and have accountability to a coach. The monthly 1:1 session is helpful to keep them on track and motivated.

With the Covid Pandemic, Flex has become an excellent program for those who want to make a change but are not ready to come back or start at a gym.

Flex is also ideal for the endurance client. Treadmill and trainer rides in the winter can get boring without guidance and a helpful eye. When workouts are outside during the spring and summer, a good endurance coach can give you real feedback and interpret your data.

Have any races planned for this year? Want to see what you are capable of doing with proper training? IF so, let us know! Email us!

Joshua J. Grenell. Endurance Specialist