Who is conducting your life? Three things you control.

Great post this morning from Seth Godin. Famous Conductors

Who do you see as the conductor in your life? We all have or had one at some point. How they did as a conductor probably significantly impacted who you are and how you see the world.

We all need to be our conductor with certain things. Certain things are our responsibility. I will focus on three this morning.

Our health:  Your health is up to you. Your daily choices, as well as your primary healthcare, are your responsibility. Going to the doctor, avoiding harmful habits, and exercising are all on you. This one is hard for some people because it is the one that a previous person did entirely for us as children. They either did a good job or not so good. Those days are over, and it is now on us.    

Our nutrition: Very few of us are fed by someone else these days. No one is putting a spoon full of sugar in our mouths. We live in an age when people make their livings figuring out how to get us to eat more. This is not a fair fight, but we still need to win— #Rageon. Only you can improve your nutrition. You will most likely need help to succeed. Find a coach.

Our mindset: Your mother or father may have helped you through difficult times in the past. They may have sheltered you or fixed things for you, or they may have been terrible conductors and did nothing. It is your turn to figure out the world. Do what you need to do to get better at creating a growth mindset.  

Things we have previously learned about our control over our situations are false. People can change and improve. We can advance our health, our nutrition, and our mindset. Heredity plays a tiny part in those three things. 

As an adult, you may be the conductor for others in your life. You are also your conductor. Make sure you are spending time conducting yourself.  

Joshua J Grenell