How to be Happy. 3 ways.

Sunday today, new fresh snow to explore, so I will keep this short.  

Research on over 300,000 people has shown that specific things make us happy. And they may not be what you think. Here are 3 of the things the studies showed. 

  1. Activity. Doing things that require movement and physical activity is shown to make people happier than “Chilling”. Sports, Walking, Hobbies win out over watching Netflix or taking some time to scroll through Instagram. Put the phone down and do stuff!  
  2. Have at least one close friend. Friendship is important. People with one or two close friends are happier. A spouse and one other friend would be two. Friendships are more important than family relationships as well. Besides having one or two close friends, hanging out with small groups is also very beneficial to happiness. Ten or so people you frequently interact with are also helpful. 
  3. Spend your money on activities. Spending our money on vacations or other things that produce experiences is essential. I think we have all heard that experiences are critical to overall happiness. People get more joy out of doing than having. It is that simple. 

Be active, have friends, and spend your money on doing not having.  

I think these things are the reason that community-based gyms continue to be a great source of happiness. All of the things I listed take place in our gym.  

See you in the gym! 

Joshua J Grenell