Daily Recipe for Success

Here is a list to help you succeed daily in weightlifting and in life



– Expect Great things to happen everyday

> If you look hard enough something cool probably happens in your life on a daily basis


– Leave no doubt that you are warmed up

> Get yourself together everyday, always be ready to go so you aren’t surprised when greatness is staring you in the face


– Have a daily physical focus you can accomplish in your work out

> Being warmed up more than usual, taking a shorter break between sets, lifting 5 more lbs than last week, etc. Stick with the same focus for a couple days or weeks until you get it then change things up.


– Have a daily mental focus (ex. better focus)

> Get your mind right (focused) and usually the other things will fall into place. Start by focusing on your breathing, keep it controlled. You should instantly feel more relaxed.


– Embrace Failure

> Failing lets you know you’re human, it lets you know where you’re at. Analyze what went wrong then try it again. If you analyze it more than 3 times and each time you come up with the same conclusion you are probably ready to move on.

– Smile you made it this far, you must be doing something right =-)

And they're off!
And they’re off!