Daily Thoughts: Feeling It All

The Crab walk…the favorite among members.
The Crab walk…the favorite among members.

As people of serious fitness to some degree we embrace pain. We continueously put ourselves through awful cycles of heavy squats, horrible metcons, and painful stretches; and yet we can’t put our phone down for longer than it takes to workout to feel anything else (If you don’t have a problem with being attached to your phone then replace it with something else in your life TV, Computer, etc.).

I know I am not alone in feeling a certain disconnect when I forget my phone at home, or start to panic when I fear my phone has been lost. But what are we missing out on when are constantly having to swipe, search, and like (facebook reference). Don’t get me wrong I love a funny Cat picture as much as the next person but is there any part of you that maybe feels like your phone is disconnecting you from feeling. At which point I must stop to think what am I if I do not have my feelings, what is a human without feelings?

I really never thought about this too much until I was on a date with a girl and she pointed out the fact that I kept taking my phone out and flipping it open and closing it, commenting on the fact that I seemed “nervous”. I recall specifically doing this during moments of silence or breaks in our conversation (it was a first date). I was using my phone as a buffer between myself and the irrational feelings of the dreaded awkward silences between men and women.

What I could not rationalize at the time was that there was no awkward silence, it was just something that I didn’t think was right, something that I didn’t want to feel. In reality we were just being normal, we were just being human. Sometimes you need to feel rejection, sometimes you need to cry in your car while singing to Coldplay’s song “Fix You”, sometimes you need to feel horrible so you can begin to really live awesomely. FEEL IT ALL.

Wear a watch it’s a classier way to check the time, be awesome everyday.

See you soon,

Coach Nic


CFP Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 Club Coach

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

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