Daily Thoughts: Morning Rituals


1- Eat a big breakfast

2 – Lemon tea w/ honey

3 – Breathe in the steam as the tea cools, allow it to clear your senses and sinus’

4 – Sip tea in a comfortable place preferably with a sun lit window to back

5 – Focus on breathing while drinking the tea. Breathe in the good and exhale the bad (anxiety, stress, pain)

Realize that you are on your own journey which only you can complete. Loved ones and close friends can cheer you on and encourage, but when it gets down to it the journey is yours. You alone decide where the path leads; maybe on your journey there is no path. At first  this may give you a feeling of no hope and that you really are alone in this world. Take another sip of tea. Breathe in breathe out.

Suddenly you realize that you have never been alone in your life. You know that anyone who has ever had to face an evil, or had an inner struggle, or has had some kind of demon to destroy is within you fighting by your side. They urge you forward, they urge you to FIGHT ON. They whisper, then they SCREAM sharing in your pain and agony. Think of the last time you saw someone fail at something and you empathized with them because you have been there too! We are all there to cheer in your success, and we are all there to feel in your defeats. You are never alone, I will be there urging you to fight on.

That’s one crazy cup of tea! Be awesome everyday.

see you soon,


Coach Nic


Community Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 – 2009 – Present

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer