Daily Thoughts: Slowing Things Down


Feeling rushed, uncomfortable, unsettled?

These all feelings that lead to improper movement and a not fun lifting session; what we need to do is slow things down. The best way to get yourself ready to hit some consistent snatches and clean and jerks is to slowly go through the motion until you have it perfect. I’m not even talking with the barbell either, we’re talking with the PVC pipe. I cannot stress how important it is to go at your own pace in order to get it right. Also by slowing things down you will learn more about how you move and be able to recognize when you are moving poorly. Here are a couple tips to warming up properly for Olympic Weightlifting movements with a PVC pipe.

– Balanced flat feet, with your bodyweight shifted slightly towards your heels.

– Keep the bar as close to your body as you can – Think “Scrape the thighs, hip contact, and lift the bottom of your t-shirt”. If you fail to do any of those three start again. (If warming up for the clean skip the hips part, remember you should not hit your hips on the clean)

– Slowly squat down as low as you possibly can while maintaining a hips up position with a strong lower back. If you can’t squat down without losing your lumbar position don’t squat down quite as low you will get there eventually.

– BREATHE – Remember developing good technique takes time. Keep it light until YOU are ready to add weight.

If you are consistently missing lifts it’s a good sign you need to slow things down. Remember it’s all about moving better and when you are moving well you will consistently make the majority of your lifts. When you are confident in your technique and can perform the full movement the weights will slide onto the bar.

10,000 reps is the prescription, be awesome everyday.

See you soon,


Coach Nic

CFP Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 – 2009 – Present

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer