Daily Thoughts: Trust in You


Trust, a belief that the right thing will be done. Start trusting yourself to be doing the right things in all of lifes situations. Quit ignoring the feeling in your gut, you know the right way. Your goal this week is to instead of immediately going to I don’t know, and before just accepting someone else’s way of doing something, take a minute and ask yourself what the right way is. Who know’s you might already have the answers you need.

I have recently been working on a renovation project. I have no prior woodworking, or handyman knowledge. What I know I had was a logical thought process and by using that thought process was able to come up with opinions and ideas on the project. Lets be clear 98% of the project I was just the labor and the clean up crew, something I was prepared for. Through out the entire project though I had to trust myself to do it “the right way”. The right way being the most logical and complete way leading to a legitimate, clean looking, finished project.

Trust yourself to do it the right way every time. You are going to mess it up, but you probably were able to do a lot more of the work than you thought. If you care about something don’t be lazy trust in yourself to do it the right way, every time.
Always do it the right way, be awesome everyday.
See you soon,


Coach Nic

Community Strength

Rochester Barbell Club

USAW Level 1 – 2009 – Present

Crossfit Level 1 Trainer

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