DJ, making progress towards goals during shut down!


by Coach Nic

I met DJ when he came in for his free information session at Progression Fitness.

I remember thinking after his 1st session that he would have to stick with personal training for 2-3 months before he would be prepared for a group class. But he definitely proved me wrong.

I think the key to DJ’s success was I never remember him having 2 bad weeks in a row. He would have a busy week at work, but then the next week he would be back at the gym again for his normal classes.

I remember one time in December when he missed most of the month. I think he was sick and had some work travel, but he didn’t let that stop him from continuing to get results which would have been easy to do. He focused on his diet and on maintaining a daily step goal of like 5 miles or something crazy like that.

I think what DJ realized is that his results were 100% in his hands and a lot of it was influenced by his actions outside of the gym. He confirmed my thoughts recently when he came in for a body scan last month during the shutdown and had another successful month of weight loss and muscle gain.

Keep it up DJ!