Shandel staying strong at home

Shandel and work out buddies

I met Shandel for the first time in a class! She was a smiling ball of energy, interacting, helping, and encouraging everyone around her. Her smile is certainly contagious.

I believe her success comes from her determination, her grit, and her willingness to continue to learn. She has always loved running and is a major part of her fitness. But she surrounds herself with everything we do at the gym, and it has made her a better runner overall! Her consistency at home, during these times by staying active with both her fitness and her family, shows me that she is ready for anything!

Her health/fitness continues to improve, even though all of this, and she will be ready to be the smiling ball of positive energy I know her to be at the gym very soon!

-Coach Jordan

Shandel- “Progression is so much more than a gym – it is a huge family. The coaches are the absolute best at what they do and the members are the kindest most inspiring people I have ever met. My life has forever been changed for the better thanks to CFP – I am so grateful.”