Eat less, exercise more. 5 reasons this doesn’t work.

Eat less, exercise more. This is the advice you hear all the time from pretty much everyone. Weight loss is easy! You just eat fewer calories than you burn! And you burn more calories the more you exercise. Wham bam, all your problems are solved!  

Excellent! But what does this actually look like in real life? We live in an age when one 12oz drink has over your daily needs for sugar. And our bodies love sugar!  

Here are five things…

  1. Most of us can actually afford to eat less. The issue is we don’t really know how much less.  
  2. Calories are not just calories. The foods we eat cause hormonal responses in our bodies that influence how our bodies work. 
  3. Quality foods provide side benefits that processed foods do not.
  4. The type of exercise you do matters and will affect your results.
  5. Your body is a versatile machine. Most things will work, but nothing will work for long. (Except strength training)   

Few people have the time or knowledge to deal with the above list. This is the reason they look for answers from Facebook, their friends, or their gym. Unfortunately, most gyms are not set up to handle these questions appropriately, we are. We have full-time professional staff on site. All day.

Knowledge and guidance is where results come from. Let us know if we can help. Group Coaching!