The Longevity Game

In Simon Sinek’s “The Infinite Game” he focuses on businesses and how they “Win”. As I was reading this book, I noticed the similarities between this mindset and the mindset that is most successful for health and fitness as well.

We know there is no winning the game. Death always wins (Currently). The goal is to play it as long as we can. To stay ahead as long as we can. A lifetime of doing well in the things we care about is winning.

You need to adapt to a longevity mindset. Health is not a six-week challenge, and it is not a 21 day cleanse. It is not a 12-week bootcamp. However, this is what is being sold to you daily.

We have done these challenges. Why? Because it works to get people in the door. We believe that if we can get people to work with us for six weeks, hopefully, we can help some of them see the real path.

Health and fitness do not start or stop. The goal is to stay in the game as long as possible. I am not talking about how long you are alive here. Modern medicine can keep you alive for a long time. But how long are you able to do most everything you want?

Freedom to do what we want as we age is different for everyone. I know 70-year-olds that hike 15 miles while on vacation, and I know 70-year-olds in Nursing homes who don’t get to go on vacation. The differences in what lead these two people to their current abilities are small in time and investment.

I have written a whole book on this topic. So I am going to break this down over the next few Blogposts.

Today. Go for a walk. Or spend 30 mins on that treadmill that you haven’t used in forever. While on your walk or treadmill, think about why you want to stay healthy and fit. When you get to thinking about someone you love, you are on the right path.

More tomorrow. Have a great day.