F is for Fitness

Let’s talk about the F in CFP.

Your fitness is the most important thing in your life.  It is more important than your job.  It is more important than your family.

Most people find that line of thinking shocking.  Until they think about it.  Without your health, which in our definition is fitness.  You can not fulfill your role as parent, spouse, friend, or employee.   It is very hard to provide and care for your family when you are unhealthy or most obviously when you are dead.

Not the most pleasant things to think about, but now in my forties, as my friends and family ages,  life and daily choices are really starting to show.  Chronic disease has set in, the side effects of obesity are apparent, things they once could do with ease are now a struggle or not an option.

The old adage of “Well I can’t do what I used to, I am getting old…”, has been proven wrong.   Whereas “Use it or you lose it”  Has been proven true, by thousands of average people who simply make better daily choices.

Excuses will abound, the resistance to hearing the facts that we are in control of our health, and our current condition is because of our choices is hard to take in.  But research now proves it.  For the vast majority of us, it is our choices, not our genetics that have us where we are in our health and fitness journey.

80% of premature heart disease, stroke and diabetes can be prevented by life choices.

70%-75% of health care costs are due to lifestyle choices.

Genetic factors are not the major cause of chronic disease.

Let those 3 things sink in.  The implications are powerful.  I don’t need to go into the current health care crisis the country is in.  We all know the issues.

If you want to go into it more, here are some articles:

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People come to Progression thinking that it is the place to get a great work out.  I have always seen it as much more.  For years I have searched for an answer to what I consider the most important issue in our society.  A lack of fitness.  Everyone needs to exercise, and they need to do it forever.  It is not something you do for 6 weeks, or 6 months.  It is not something you put on hold. Our coaches are your guides. As you age your needs will change over time. We are here to get you what you need to be your best outside the gym.

I have concluded that the answer is not hard to attain.  It is in fact easy.  I have broken it down into 3 steps.  I have watched many people go through these steps and literally change their lives.  They have moved from a path toward chronic disease to a path of health and fitness.  Your doctor can’t do this for you, a pill can’t do this for you.  Progression can do this for you.  We have done it so many times now, that is the norm, not the exception.  No, “Results not typical” asterisk by the before and after pictures.  And it is without a doubt the most important investment you can make in your life.

Here are the steps.

1.  Come to the gym 3-4x a week.

Our programming is written for the person who comes 3-4x a week.  The magic is in the movement.  It is that simple.  It doesn’t matter how heavy you lift.  But you need to move.  You are made to move.  You feel better after you move.  The people you surround yourself with are important.  Our coaches and our members want you to be your best.

2.  Switch from processed to real food.

Many of you have improved.  I highly encourage you to keep improving.  This has been an 8-year journey for myself.  When I started Progression my diet consisted of Doritos and Mountain Dew.  I am not joking.

Move toward real foods, more veggies, and less packaged foods.

We have recently started our nutrition program for those who want to speed up the process.  This was a long time coming.  We took our time to find the right fit, and we did.  No B.S.  No magic pills or powder.  Real help that is sustainable.  Nutrition Coaching

3.  Adopt healthy activities outside the gym.

Our goal for you is to have you at the gym 13-20 hours a month.  That leaves around 700 hours a month for you to do other things that align with fitness.   You could come to the gym, eat more veggies and then spend the rest of your time drinking and smoking.  You will be better off than just smoking and drinking, but not much.

Go for walks, take a cooking class, learn a new sport, learn a new skill, read more, make sleep a priority, travel, volunteer, help others. All of these things move you toward better health and fitness.  And they all are easier when you are fit.

F is for Fitness

Your Fitness is just as important to those around you as it is to you.  You are a role model for someone.  Your kids, your friends, your neighbors…  Be a positive part of your circle.

My dad used to have a saying hanging in his office.  It took me a while as a child to understand it.  But I do now.

“We are not here to test the waters.  We are here to make waves.”

I believe we can all help, encourage, and change what is going on around us.  Make waves in your circle.

Joshua J. Grenell


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  1. Khaleesi

    Josh, this is an amazing article. I receive a lot of pushback in my life in regards to our fitness lifestyle. This really puts it into perspective and makes me feel confident in our choices each day. Thank you for all that you and your staff do for us!