February 2019 Challenge: Double Unders

Double Unders or Double under practice is the February Challenge.  One circle per day(Time Based).  Cross out the circle when complete.  This challenge can be done anywhere.  Home, outside, gym, Florida, Russia.  You don’t have to have Double Unders.  You just have to work toward them.  =-)

“I already have Double unders!”  Good for you.  Work toward something you don’t have.  Tried Triples?  Tried the heavy rogue ropes in the gray gym?  How long can you go with singles?  500 reps?  Get better at something you are not good at.  Have 20 doubles in a row but can’t get more?  Try to get more.  Take appropriate breaks.  You just have to practice for the time listed on the card.  Resting is part of that time.

Any questions let us know.

Here is the sheet for this challenge: Double Unders!

Video:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tF3hUsPZAI

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If you completed the challenge.  Bring your completed sheet into the gym and pick up your Badge!