February Challenge: Push-Ups!

Last month Progression Fitness and Regent fitness in Rochester, MN offered a Mega Challenge to our members. Row, Bike, Run, SKi for a long time! This was our first challenge since Covid Started and we made it a big one. Participants that completed the challenge will get a Challenge Coin!

This month we will be doing Push-ups! This movement can be done anywhere and is a pillar of strength and conditioning.

Simply complete the number of pushups in the circle and cross it off. You can do as many circles per day as you like.

The Standards we are going for with our push ups:

If you need scaling or an increase in difficulty let us know!

Complete the sheet and you will earn a push-up badge to put on your water bottle, your journal, your computer, or your forehead.

Find the Challenge Sheet Here!

If you need any scaling adjustments to this challenge let us know. We will make that happen!

Joshua J Grenell