Community and Self

Community is created in conjunction with the people around us. There are good communities and bad communities.

The community is vital to us and it has allowed us to grow and thrive in almost all things that humans do. We are not always at our best, and when we are not, the people around us help us get better or make it a few more days, giving us more time to improve.

The self is rewarded by participating in the community. Helping a stranger, supporting a loved one, or being there for a friend. All of these things feel good. They also make the community stronger. It is a successful feedback loop. People put others first and help others make the group strong, thereby making the group’s people strong.

We see this a lot in community-based gyms. No one ever joins a gym for the community, but a lot will stay or leave because of it. At our gyms in Rochester, MN, we focus on the community a lot. Not in our marketing, but practice. Decisions and rules are made based on what is best for all the members. This is a difficult task, and it is not taken lightly. Having a team of coaches that are bought into this is very important.

If you are focused on yourself, chances are you will not be happy. Focusing on others has a built-in reward system that will improve your mood. When a new client is setting goals, I encourage them to find a reason that is outside themselves. Going to the gym to be a better mother is a more significant motivator than wanting to lose 10 pounds.

Find people who make you feel good about yourself. This will help you make a difference in other people’s lives around you.

Distance yourself from those that are all about themselves. A selfish person is challenging to be around and it is rarely a mutually beneficial relationship.

When looking to join a gym, make sure you are checking a few out. How does it feel when you walk in?

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Joshua J Grenell