How to find the right gym for you. Five Ways.

So you want to join a gym. Here is the best way. 

  1. Figure out what you want. Take some time with this one. We can help you figure out what you want when we meet with you. Most gyms can’t. Most gyms will show you the place and then try to get your payment info.   
  2. Visit a few places when looking for a gym. You are going to need to see the gym. Calling the gyms for pricing is similar to buying a used car over the phone. Never a good idea.  
  3. Research what different types of gyms typically cost. 24/7 gyms are priced very differently than coached class gyms. Refer to number one, what do you want in a gym? Know what that type of service costs.  
    • Access only gyms range from $29 to around $100 a month. Why the big range? See the gym and find out. Picking the $29 a month gym over the $100 one could be a big mistake depending on your goals. Most of these gyms also come with a year contract. 
    • Class-based gyms like Progression Fitness range in cost from $75-$900 a month. That is a significant price range. This is why when you call asking what it costs to join, the coach on the phone is going to need a lot of info from you. Shady coaches will tell you $75 and then try to bait and switch when you come in to sign up. Good coaches will need to talk about your goals and reasons for joining. See number one again.   
  4. If you are joining a class-based gym, what are the gym’s get started processes? Is it just throw you into class? That may be fine if you are experienced in the type of gym you are signing up for, but dangerous in many ways if you are not.  
  5. How does the gym feel when you walk in? Is it welcoming? Clean? Are the members friendly? Again, you have to visit the gym to find this information out.  

This is my quick list to help you out in your search. We can not take a ton of members every month. Your next gym should be focused on you, not how many members they can get in a month. Go out looking for your next gym in Rochester, MN, with some tactics.  

See you at the gym. 

Joshua J Grenell
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