The Happy Coach

We are living in an odd time. We are burned out by everything we see 24/7 on our phones, and Covid has worn us down to the point of not caring anymore.  

We need a coach now more than ever. A coach who is not just a cheerleader at the gym, but a coach who has the skills to do the other things that matter to help you stay healthy and make progress.  

Our goal at Progression is to put the Happy back into your day. Spend an hour away from your phone, away from the issues outside the gym.  

Here are some of the ways we do this.

1. Accountability— We care about you showing up at the gym, but also what you are doing at the gym. “What did you back squat last week? How about we try 5 more lbs today. Or “Hey, you look a little beat down today; let’s change this work out up a bit for you today.” These little things are key to whether you will succeed at the gym. 

2. Personalization— I touched on this a bit above. Can your coach adjust your workout for you? Do they know your goals? There are a lot of gyms and programs out there. But there is only one you. A good coach will give you what you need for today.  

3. Flexibility— Your coach will make the workout work for you. The work out of the day is an intent for the day. It can easily be adapted for you in your situation. 

4. Habits and Mindset— Got something going on that just isn’t currently working? Check-in with a coach. They may have a quick answer or tip for you to try; if not, they will find a coach who can. Then the next time they see you in class, they can ask how it went.    

5. Social connection— The big one. Humans need social interaction to be healthy—even introverts. The gym provides a link with good people who share at least a few goals with you. Health and Fitness. 

We are here and available to help. When you are ready to chat, let us know.   

Inspiration provided by Catalyst Fitness.

Joshua J Grenell