The Open, Double under tips, and Nutrition.

Progression Staff, past and present.

The CrossFit Games Open starts March 11 this year, and February is the prime time to prepare. We’ve got tons of great stuff lined up, and you know we’ll have a blast like we always do—even if things are just a bit different this year with a pandemic and a three-week CrossFit Open.

If you’ve got goals for the competition, now’s the time to prepare. And if you aren’t interested in competing, that’s cool, too—but I know you’ve got goals, so read on!

Our classes are packed with instruction, but if there’s a specific movement that’s making you frustrated or nervous and you want to spend some time on it, hit “reply,” and we’ll match you up with a coach. We’ve found that we can take significant steps in just a few one-on-one sessions, so if things like double-unders, handstand push-ups, snatches and pull-ups are on your “goal list,” let’s talk.

For example, we noticed that a lot of people get very frustrated with double-unders. It’s usually the result of a few minor errors. Everyone can take a small hop and everyone can spin a rope. But some people struggle to put it all together. A coach can dig in and address all the technical issues that might be derailing the rope in a skill session.

For example, we’ve noticed a lot of people try to jump too high, which throws off your timing. You only need a very small hop—even for a double-under. Another issue: people let their hands drift away from their bodies and try to swing the rope with their arms instead of their wrists. This actually “shortens” the rope, and you end up missing. With a properly sized rope, you want your hands close to your hips, and the movement should come from the wrists.

Those are just two small fixes, and we have many more—for a jump rope and every other movement. 

Whether you’re interested in competing or not, consider this my “open” invitation to book a session with a coach to make some progress on literally any movement.

“When’s the Next Nutrition Challenge?”

We get this question a lot, but I wanted to make sure you know you don’t have to wait for a challenge to get started on nutrition. If you’re thinking about adjusting your diet right now, let’s talk. We’re ready to roll!

And here’s a side benefit: challenges are super fun, but sometimes the tendency is to go right back to old behaviors when the challenge is over. That doesn’t always happen, but if you’ve struggled to maintain habits after a challenge, we can provide ongoing coaching that will keep you on track.

Our coaches can help you out with healthy habits tailored to your goals, as well as tons of education, accountability, and support. 

I’ll “challenge” you to book a consultation with us to talk about any nutrition goals you have RIGHT NOW

P.S. Have you hit a PR lately? Let us know. We would love to hear about it!