Our answer to the failed diets.

The most prominent challenge individuals face is changing from short term thinking to long term planning.

Can you do what you are planning to do to lose weight for the rest of your life? IF the answer is no, then don’t start. Find a real answer.

Too many people spend their lives getting harmful nutrition advice. We saw it all day, every day. We were tired of it. So we created the group.

Progression rolled out a new option in late 2020—the Progression Private Nutrition group. An opportunity for those who want nutrition advice and help from a trusted and reliable source. Too many people get bad advice from friends, family, and social media.

The group is $59 a month and focuses on building habits that will improve your health and help you get more out of life. Experienced and knowledgeable health professionals are available for your questions with a 24 hour response time.

New gym members get a month in this group to check it out and see if it is for them.

If you want to join the group, let us know. It is open to the public. Contact us!

You can also join our free group here: Facebook Free Group

Need more help? Contact a coach: Nutrition Coaching