Fighting Burnout.

One can only battle the waves for so long. Eventually, the waves will win.

Burnout happens when the waves win. We can not battle daily. 

The key to preventing burnout is to learn to go with the waves or eventually learning to surf.

In our work, if the way our day-to-day is set up or if our co-workers are not supportive, every day can become a battle. It may seem like a small thing day to day, but eventually, it will be the thing that takes you, or your business down. 

Here are three things to help fight burnout.

Destress:  Stress relief is known to be important.  Finding a healthy method is the real trick.  Many use exercise in some form or another.  What is your current method?  Is it healthy?  

Change our environment: Knowing that the waves will win, We must adjust our environment to take on fewer waves.  This is a complicated one, and probably deserves its own post.  Mindset can be a key here. How you look at your environment can change how it impacts you.  The simplest way to adjust your environment is to change it.  For many, this means to change their place of work.  What can you change in your environment to make it better?

Adapt: Try new things in your life.  Lifestyle changes and habit changes can help you ride the waves a bit better instead of always fighting them.  Going to bed earlier, getting into work earlier, improving your time management at work.  These are all easy things that you can change that may make your day and life much easier. What is one adaptation you can make?

Try riding those waves!

Joshua J Grenell