Finding Bright Spots. Three ways

Bright Spot Friday!  

On Fridays, we celebrate what went well in our lives during the week.  

Continuing on my theme of gratitude from yesterday, Read here! Gratitude is important. And for some of us, gratitude is challenging. 

Taking a moment to reflect on the past seven days and picking out the good things that happened is a mighty task. 

Here is some help to get you started.

  1.  Any good things that happened at work this week?  
    1. Co-worker interactions?
    2. People you helped?
    3. Compliments you got or gave?
    4. Did you make someone feel good?
    5. Projects completed?
  2. How about in your family life?
    1. Did you get to spend some time with a loved one?
    2. Date night?
    3. Did some extra chores to help out?
    4. Give a gift? 
    5. Celebrate success? 
  3. Did anything happen out in public?
    1. Did you hold the door for someone? 
    2. Help out someone in need? 
    3. Let someone else go ahead of you? 
    4. Buy someone’s coffee? 
    5. Did someone do any of these things for you?   

These are three areas to start looking at for the past seven days. Find a bright spot and identify it as something good.  

Soon, not only will you start seeing them more frequently, but you may also begin to start creating them for others.  

Find those Bright Spots!    

Joshua J Grenell