Four ways to limit muscle loss as you age.

Sarcopenia is the enemy. Attacking is the only option. There is no peace or negotiation. You must attack. 

At middle age, we start to lose up to 3% of our muscle mass per year. Think about that for a second. That is bad, really bad.  

Sarcopenia means lack of flesh. It starts to affect most people over 50 years old and some sooner. Those with poor muscle mass to begin with are obviously at higher risk.    

Losing muscle mass is a big deal. It contributes to frailty, inabilities to perform daily living activities, and is responsible for shortened lifespans compared to ordinary muscle masses.   

I have listed several links below if you want to dive into Sarcopenia more. But let’s get into how to fight it. 

Join a functional fitness gym. Find one that enjoys working with people in their 40s and up. Getting the skills, habits, and muscle mass started as soon as possible is the best way to fight off muscle loss as you age. I know two great gyms that fit this definition in Rochester, MN. Progression Fitness and Regent Fitness.

If you are new to fitness or training with weights, a class-based gym with knowledgeable coaches is what you want. Expert coaching is key to learning the movements and techniques correctly. It is also key to your longevity in your life span and your success in the gym.

Avoid periods of inactivity. Are you going on vacation? Cool, it would be best if you still worked out. Do something, anything, a 30 min walk is enough. Ask your coach for a plan while you are on vacation.  

Maintain your protein intake. As we age, many of us start to take in less protein. Less protein is not ideal. Talk to our nutrition coaches about how much protein is right for you. They can give you an answer based on data since we have an Inbody scanner in each gym. 

Manage your stress level. Stress messes with everything. Dealing with stress is higher-level work. But we can help you with this. If you want to chat, let me know.

The time to start the war against Sarcopenia is now. If you are out of your 20s, the battle begins. Let us know if you need help.  

Rochester MN

Joshua J Grenell