Progression ID

One of the newer offerings at Progression Fitness and Regent Fitness is our ID program. This is a first in Rochester, MN.

ID stands for individual design.

Many of us have individual goals above and beyond general physical fitness and health. Our group classes are excellent at getting you to these goals. Some people want and require more guidance. For these people, we created the ID program.

The ID program fills the gap between group classes and personal training. You want to work on specific things, but you don’t want personal training.

There are a few levels to this program. Talk with a coach to go over the ID levels and determine which one is right for you.

All levels include an individualized training plan in either Truecoach of Traningpeaks. All levels have access to ID your coach.

Gym access and class access is varied, based on which program you choose.

Get your programming from a professional coach who you get to see in person.

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