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There will be no Competitors class this Saturday February 8th at 12pm.  

Do you need to work on those double-unders?  Come join us with World Champion Molly Metz for a two hour Double-under seminar to help you successfully get those Double-unders!  

Date:  Sunday, February 16 

Time:  9:30am – 11:30am  

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A.  4 Rounds for Max Reps 

30 Sec DB Thrusters 

60 Sec Rest 


10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 


Between each round  

20 x Air Squats 

20 x Ball Slams 

Performance – Sport 

A.  4 Rounds for Max Reps 

30 Sec Thrusters @ 95lb/65lb (Sport @ 115lb/85lb) 

60 Sec Rest 


10 – 8 – 6 – 4 – 2 

PC + PJ @ 135lb/95lb (Sport @ 155lb/105lb) 

Between each Round 

10 x C2B Pull-ups or 10 American Swings @ 1.5 pood/1 pood 

10 x Burpees 

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16 Responses
  1. Cally

    3rd hotel WOD (wishing I’d done 5 put just didn’t get to it)
    3 rounds – 25 cal bike, 20 air squats, 15 push-ups
    warm up and cool down treadmill

  2. Carrie

    A. 65# 13,13,13,15.
    B. 10:30. 85#, 1 pood Am Swings. Wow that was tough. Crawled my way through the burpees.

  3. Crysta P

    A. 13, 13, 13, 12 @ 45lb (glad we got some Rob Zombie for these)
    B. 11:36 PC + PJ @ 60lb, Russian swings @ 1 pood. Felt pretty good about my PC + PJ today even going a bit heavier than the last time we did them. I was sad that I had to do swings and burpees after the last round. I tried to argue that it wasn’t “between” anything, but my argument failed. LOL…thanks Josh for the extra 20 reps…

  4. Sara Jech

    A. 13, 12, 12, 12 @ 65lbs….. Tried to work on keeping the elbows higher and bar on fingers vs. getting more palm on the bar….. So uncomfortable and not very quick for me at all……

    B. 11:09 @ 85lbs and 20kg Am. Swings
    Went into this workout thinking I would have killed it…. Much worse than I thought… PC + PJ were brutal for some reason… Just didn’t have the energy or push to get this done UB……
    Swings were fine
    Burpees much harder than I thought…..

    Can definitely tell I didn’t have my sweet potato yesterday… Never EVER again will I miss that!!!!!!! Just goes to show how important eating enough and the right stuff is!!!!!!!!! Fuel your bodies, Open is right around the corner!!!!!

  5. Jason

    A. 11,10, 10, 7 @ 75 lbs. Never drop the bar… Took way to long to pick it back up on that last set.

    B. 12:30 @ 95 lbs Several rounds of C2B and then dropped to regular PU for the last 2. Used a blue band today, down from the green, so that’s an improvement at least.

  6. Susan

    A. 13, 13, 11, 11 @ 45#
    B. 11:16 @ 55# , wanted to do Am Swings all the way through, but when I got to end of second round, switched to russians because I didn’t want to put it down and wanted to keep going. Did rest russians. That was rough!

  7. Margo Tuohy

    A. 12,11,11,10 @ 55#
    B. 13:50 @85# really need to work on the whole movement. Pausing to long…not a very fluid motion. Did c2b with green band then grabbed addition blue band for last round. Went into workout nervous and it showed. It was a tough one:)
    Bring on the weekend!!!
    And I forgot to post it on the white board…again.

  8. Malachi Johnson

    A. 13, 15, 16, 16 @95…Started slow, thought I had to conserve energy then realized that was a bad idea, so I turned it up! Felt good!
    B.) 13:24…This quickly reminded me why I thought I should conserve energy, it got hard quick. Burpees are not my favorite, I did swings, and those went well, but they also took their toll.

    Good workout, like Sara said, I thought this would be a workout that was fairly easy…I was wrong.

  9. Lindsey G

    ROUGH ONE! I hate when I don’t finish a WOD

    A. 55# 11, 11, 10, 11
    B. 75# PC, PJ, C2B with small green band. 15:00 -20 (only got the PC/PJ on last round)

  10. Susan Kian

    65# thrusters 14 14 14 15

    Hang PC PJ 65#
    1 pood am swing
    Prego burpees

    Done at 9 something and them panicked and thought I missed 4 reps so I did that round again…argh. Can’t remember! It’s all a blur!

  11. JennF

    A. 3 rounds at 65# 14-15-15– increased weight to 75# for last set and surprised myself with 15 reps. Dare I say that I really like Thrusters??

    B. Performance: PC+PJ @95, practiced TNG and felt good, but the moment the clock started, that was pretty shaky, did some semblance of TNG for the 10 reps, then all other rounds were drop and pick up. 1 pood Am swings. 11:48.

    Tough day.. but definitely one I walked away from feeling accomplished. Nice week of Programming!!

  12. Clara

    A. Thrusters @55# 10, 10, 8, 9
    B PC+PJ @ 75# first round then dropped to 55# (still plenty difficult!!), American swings with blue KB, burpees 13:36

  13. Jessi A

    A. 11-11-11-12 @ 55#
    B. 14:30 PC+Jerk @ 75# first round, then dropped to 65#, did C2B pull-ups with green and red band (finally moving down in bands).