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  • There will be no classes this Saturday due to the Pendlay weight lifting seminar from 8am – 5pm.
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  • CFP is proud to host the level 1 Pendlay Weight Lifting seminar by MuscledriverUSA on February 9th.  Glenn Pendlay is one of the top Olympic Lifting Coaches in the US, coaching some of the top lifters in the country.  This is a 1 day hands on seminar, the registration fee is 200 dollars.  Limited to the first 30 participants, follow this Link to register.  There are only 5 spots left!
  • The Super Friends Throwdown is on February 23rd starting at 9 am.  Teams of 4 battling it out through 5 plus events guarantees that this is going to be fun and crazy Throwdown.  Teams must register before January 28th to get a t-shirt for the event.  Limited to 12 teams, follow this link to register.
Triple extension
Triple extension

Fitness – Performance – Sport

A.  10 Min AMRAP

Jerk Complex – Add weight as needed

3 x Jerk Push Presses – Push Press starts in a split

3 x Step Thrus

3 x Jerk Balance

3 x Split Jerks


40/20 – 30/15 – 20/10 – 10/5


GI Janes 

C.  Habbe Abs

Optional Accessory 

Muscular Endurance 

A1.  Close Grip Bench – 3 x ME 

A2.  Dumbbell Rows – 3 x 10 

A3.  Tricep Kick Backs – 3 x ME 

A4.  Standing Dumbbell Lateral Flys – 3 x ME 

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13 Responses
  1. Lindsey G

    A. Jerk complex – I loved this. Really helped with my technique!
    B. 12:20
    C. Done – didn’t catch time.

  2. kit

    A. Done
    B. 9:37 Rx
    C. Done

    5 stars on the progression movements being incorporated on the daily programming. RockOnCoach!

  3. Jenn f

    A. Liked this complex.
    B. whined about this WOD before we even did it. Feeling it! Appreciated Alex’s recommendation for better form and no knees technique with push ups (vertical forearm and elbows in tight.) To me, more difficult and a better progression than knees on ground. 11:07 jumping pull-ups for GI Janes
    Just at 2min Habbe abs. 10# wb

  4. Elizabeth

    A: love this part of the workout!
    B: 20 pushups/burpees/swings + 15 pushups/burpees/swings + 8 pushups
    C: ab work

  5. Bryan Akervik

    A. Worked technique with 45# bar
    B. 20/20, 15/15, 10/5 – Pushups and burpee jumping pull-ups, kicked my butt. Arms and chest gave out before lungs.
    C. Habbe abs w/10# med ball.

  6. Susan Kian

    I liked the GI Jane but struggled with elbows in push-ups. used to doing regular stance so when I had to use the different muscle group my push up went really slow…couldn’t even come close to finishing. Started only being able to do 2 at a time and had to switch back to regular push-ups with hands wider, did not keep a good pace for the workout. The jerk progressions were good and made me super tired.